Week 5- Discussion

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Note: The video will open in a new window. Click on the Play button to view it. The video includes audio, so make sure you are using a computer with sound capabilities.

After viewing the Oberweis video, how would you answer the following questions?

    • How does Oberweis segment its overall market? Who are some of the market segments that serve as target markets for Oberweis?


  • What marketing strategies provide Oberweis with success toward satisfying its target markets? 
             After watching the Oberweis video, you can see very well that there overall Market is very structured and very well done. They know what they are doing and they are very educated on what they are doing as well. Its segments its overall market by offering different products for the different types of market segments. Some of those market segments are for example, fresh milk would attract the household mother that loves milk, the ice cream would attract young kids and teenagers, and the pizzas would attract the average college kid who doesn’t have time to make food.

Some marketing strategies that provide Oberweis with success toward satisfying its target markets are they try to be active with there customers by offering a rewards kind of card that you get discounts after so many visits or purchases. Another one is they are always releasing new kinds of products to keep the customers pleased by providing something new every so often.




Note: The video will open in a new window. Click on the Play button to view it. The video includes audio, so make sure you are using a computer with sound capabilities.

After viewing the video, how would you answer the following questions?

    • Why were Captain Jim Miranda and Todd Williamson successful? Was it just their perseverance, or are there other reasons for their success?


    • In your opinion, what entrepreneurial attributes do Todd and Jim have? What attributes does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?


  • What does it take to succeed with a small business? From the Broad Reach Sails example, do you believe it helps to have some experience in the industry in which you are starting a small business?
             Captain Jim Miranda and Todd Williamson are successful becuase they are doing something that they love and are passionate about. They probably started sailing at a very young age and so they are used to it and no probably almost everything there is to know about sailing. They know what there customers are looking for and they are probably really nice and respectful to there customers. I can tell form the video that they are really friendly people so you can obviously tell that they are going to do everything to please there customers.

In my opinion, what makes them a good entrepreneur is someone who loves what they are doing, who can sacrifice a lot of there time and don’t have other obligations, they can manage there time well and be able to grow very well. These are all examples of what a good entrepreneur is.

I guess i kind of would make a good entrepreneur, but i would be afraid of taking the risks. So i would be more comfortable working in a field that i love but under either another companies or something else.

Update- February 4th,2011

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Hello there,

I am slowly working on the website,I’ve got most of the design finished and the server will be up and running hopefully by the end of next week. So the website The Cafe Online shall be online by the beginning of march Hopefully with full accessible content. Also i will be doing my own freelancing so if anyone needs any web design help or websites completed or such i will be pleased to help just shoot an email my way.

Once The Cafe Online is up and running i will be taking developer applications so if anyone wishes to help with my project you can also help as well. As of right now i will be running the site from a remote cloud VPN server will full rss and css capability with mobile accessibility and full browser support.

The Website will feature endless things such as a virtual Newspaper  with acess to all of the latest news, and headlines, Free and subscription aided streaming music and movies. Social chatting and networks will also be accessible through this website.

Now which brings the name to this site, the word “Cafe” is that i will be featuring all of the oldest and newest and created by me caffeinated drink recipes. Just like you would at a regular cafe but have how to do it at your home access so you don’t have to run out to Starbucks if you want a certain kind of coffee.

Well that’s all the info for now on The website as i have at the moment. More updates will soon come…

just keep checking my weblog for the latest updates!




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Welcome to my new blog i have started, this is going to be a mixture of many things, so please bear with me. I have felt the need to start writing but I’m not sure what. So i am starting my own thing called THE CAFE ONLINE. It’s a mixture of many things, music, writing, literature, polls, ECt. This is my first move in the big world as trying to be myself and start my own viral website and hoping to have plenty of users. Since I don’t have much free time and im always working i will try to spare every second on this so please bear with me. This will not be like my other projects that have gone sour or old or not be updated often. I will try to keep this open and online as possible. Please feel free to comment openly and send your ideas to me.